We’re an adventure hiking and outdoor activity group founded in 2007 and based in Dublin, Ireland. We can be best described as a young group of people who enjoy challenging hiking and outdoor activities. We don’t run set hikes, but are rather a mailing list where group members are notified about hikes or events.

The hikes/events are planned by volunteer co-ordinators. Members are free to suggest events, and get involved with planning & organising. We are always looking for new co-ordinators.

In the past year we’ve been hiking in Wales, Scotland, France, Iceland, Greece and Italy, kayaking in Galway and Kerry, surfing in Mayo, as well as regular hikes in Wicklow and all over Ireland, and indoor and outdoor climbing in Dublin.

We also have regular social events.

As each event is planned, you can get an notification via our Facebook and/or Meet-up group pages. Usually one or two members will act as co-ordinators.

We don’t have any leaders, and you have to be responsible for your self and use basic common sense.

Most of the members are experienced hikers. You do need to be at a reasonable level of fitness as we do walk 15-20KM in a day, with a 600 to 1000M ascent. That’s about 6-7 hours of walking.

The Challenge Hikers is a  simply, international, inclusive, informal, like-minded group that meet regularly to enjoy a walk, and if you choose to accompany us, you must take responsibility for your own safety. Please make sure to get travel insurance as this is not included. For your safety and security, we strongly recommend you purchase insurance. You can purchase insurance through Mountaineering Ireland .

A condition of attending is that you leave no trace. We subscribe to the Leave No Trace Philosophy, which means we take home all our rubbish, including apple cores, orange peels, and sweet wrappers.

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